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Consulting 3834 and 1090

Solving UNI.on offers the consultancy service for technical standards UNI EN ISO 1090 (CE marking of manufactured products) and for quality standards in welding UNI EN ISO 3834 (manufactured to perfection) for companies that want to adapt to the latest standards. In a few days your company will be ready to pass the final audit.

Why is it necessary to comply with the UNI EN ISO 3834 and UNI EN ISO 1090 standards?

  1. In the case of litigation for a company that has not adapted, it is possible to withdraw from the market all the manufactured carpentry
  2. Otherwise, if the company has adapted it can respond to legal causes by demonstrating the manufacture to perfection
  3. Sanctions up to 75 thousand euro are possible
  4. Is a legal obligation From 1 July 2014
  5. Show that you are working to perfection as your system is in accordance with UNI EN ISO 3834
  6. Permitted access to public procurement for which it is legally required is a contractual requirement