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Non-destructive testing

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The art of examining without changing

Non-destructive controls are examinations aimed at the detection and characterization of discontinuity in the particular examination, without compromising the physical and mechanical properties of the same, unlike the destructive tests, which, as the word itself says, stipulate that the sample to be analyzed must be destroyed.

CND therefore has as its first characteristic the fact that it does not involve alterations of the sample under examination.

Among the different non-destructive methods used to examine according to the characteristics and possibilities of detection, one must distinguish between:


The volumetric methods are X-ray (RT) and Ultrasound (UT), which allow to detect discontinuities within the entire volume of the piece.


Among the controls that allow the identification of defects surfaced are the Penetrating Liquids (PT) and the Visual Method (VT), while Magnetoscopy (MT) also allows to see sub-surface discontinuities.

The choice of non-destructive controls varies depending on the type of product, location, nature and type of imperfection sought.

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