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Costruzioni Famà srl, quality guarantee!

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  • The holder while preheating on the joint BW COR_TEN

An excellent result achieved thanks to the competence and perseverance of the company Famà Costruzioni srl of S.Polo di Torrile in the province of Parma. The company, now leader in large civil and industrial construction, has obtained the certification on the welding of steel resistant to atmospheric corrosion, (COR-TEN). Thanks to the submerged arc welding technology for the big thicknesses Costruzioni Famà has reached the thickness coverage of up to 100 mm for the head-to-head joints.

  • Pre-deformation and no constraints to minimize reisdue voltages

Pivetti Weld contributed to the achievement of the result by applying company know-how to the practice in carpentry. The laboratory tests planned to obtain the qualification were passed with excellent results at the first blow without the risk of having to repeat the welding of the joints. Additional time and costs for the company.

Working to art rule, with Solving UNI.on you can!

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