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Great works for a large company

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Fagioli SPA is a leading company in the field of exceptional transport and not only.

Thanks to the team of engineers who work at the technical office of the headquarters in S.Ilario D’enza (RE), Fagioli can definitely boast one of the most cutting-edge design offices in the area.

The young Project Engineers supported by the knowledge and experience of the “less young” Senior Project Engineers allows Fagioli to manage projects on an international scale such as “The launching grasshopper for the MOSE in Venice and the very current demolition project of the Morandi bridge in Genoa.

Where there is design there is also welding and never before as today, welding intended, as a method of permanent structural metal joining, has never been so at the center of attention in the certification process.

In the special structures and operations of Heavy Lift and Heavy Transport welding quality means safety and reliability.

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