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The perfection????

Margherita 0

It exists and is called STILL!!!!!

Here are some members of the STILL S.p.A. team of the Luzzara (RE) plant that guarantees the maintenance of the ISO3834 Certification

The topic of welding is becoming increasingly central in the manufacture of forklift trucks. More and more, the quality requirements for welding are synonymous with safety and the company certification becomes a real guarantee to demonstrate the manufacture in accordance with UNI EN ISO 3834-2

Audit audits by certifying bodies are increasingly punctual and attentive to the required requirements and it is often not easy for companies to meet them continuously.

The great work done by the quality team of STILL with the support of the consultancy of Pivetti Weld not only allowed the success of the audit 3834 but came out with 0 non-conformities and 0 observations!!

Solving UNI.on thanks the whole team and congratulates for the great work done!!!

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