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Union is my solution

Margherita 0

Two separate independent entities.
They’re on the move.
Microscopic and turbulent silence.
In calculated orbits they vibrate and advance detaching back what it was and already now, projected in that instant that is then after.
Among the unexplained systems, they launch unconscious, convinced only that inexplicable really is a different way.
The body slows down, glow of light that the iris tightens.
Courage and heart in the thrust of alteration.
The chemistry quivers in the attraction, the heat decreases. Fluid that finds order in its nature.
Encounter, the laws unite us.
Solid the bond now gives the shape and reflects the real color sunlight.
Matter that flies, fragile just less than nerve, lasts long enough to mark of energy where it poses.
Don’t be two, be passionate.
Two entities become one, in the state that nature inevitably grants them transformed into tomorrow.
The solution is our nature in every state.
Union is my solution.

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