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Magnetoscopic MT control

Magnetoscopic control is a type of non-destructive control that aims to check the integrity of the sample in analysis and to detect any surface or subsurface defects (ie just below the surface).This test methodology can only be applied to ferromagnetic materials.

The theory of this method is based on the fact that when the sample to be analyzed is magnetized, the discontinuities found in the transverse direction with respect to the magnetic field determine a deviation of the flux lines of the magnetic field itself.If the defect is located on the surface, some of these flow lines are dispersed beyond the sample surface. To observe these discontinuities, ferromagnetic dust suspensions are applied on the sample, which, attracted by the magnetic condition on the surface, accumulate on the defect, generating an indication of the discontinuity, from which the orientation, shape and size of the defect are appreciated.The types of products to be used to detect imperfections can be fluorescent or colored.

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