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Qualification of welders

Solving Uni.On, as a third entity, qualifies the welders in accordance with the reference standards UNI EN ISO 9606 and for robot welding operators UNI EN ISO 14732.

A welder must be able to read and interpret the technical documentation and perform welding “on design” therefore he is fully within the definition of professional.

The welder qualification is based on a specific welding procedure (WPS).

Following tests on the tests taken, each welder is qualified according to a given field of validity, outside of which the qualification loses its effectiveness;
This field of validity is defined by the welding variables and procedures, the base metal, the filler material, the type of elements to be welded and their thickness, the type of joint and its preparation and finally the electrical parameters.

The multiplicity of variables requires careful analysis, in order to prepare and qualify a welder within wider fields of validity within the scope of its work, without resorting to continuous updates.

The qualification of the welder requires a periodic renewal.