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The future of manufacturing is called “Expediting”” 

Is your supplier number one?

Could he improve?

Does he meet all the requirements of your technical specifications?

If you can answer all these questions precisely, you are already at a good level of quality; it means you know your suppliers and management is under control. Supplier evaluation is now becoming a mandatory requirement for companies that want to keep the quality level of their product high; Solving UNI.on’s “expediting” service consists in sending the highly qualified inspector expert in manufacturing regulations to your supplier.

The previously agreed visit has the purpose of:

  • verify if his abilities correspond to what he has declared
  • check if he meets the requirements of your technical supply specifications
  • (UNI EN ISO 1090, UNI EN ISO 3834)
  • verify the certification level of the welding process qualifications (UNI EN ISO 15614)
  • check the qualifications of the welders(UNI EN ISO 9606)
  • verify the qualifications of the personnel assigned to non-destructive testing (UNI EN ISO 9712)
  • check the progress of the manufacture of the product

The advantage of relying on the third company Solving UNI.on is impartiality: the third authority has no conflicts of interest either with the customer or with the client. In the event of a dispute between the parties, the report signed by a Solving UNI.on inspector or welding technologist will have indisputable value.