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Welding coordinators

Module 1: Metal Weldability Metallurgy and Welding Technology
Module 2: Welding manufacturing and inspection
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UNI EN ISO 14731

This is the standard that determines the requirements of the welding coordinator, a mandatory figure in the quality systems UNI EN ISO 1090 and UNI EN ISO 3834.

The competence of the coordinator is mainly theoretical: he must know the metallurgy, the weldability of all materials, welding technology, welding techniques, weld defects and the correct manufacturing sequence.

Being the person responsible for the technical review, decides whether the company has the ability to realize a certain artifact; the costs of realization are perhaps the most important aspect to take into account.

The coordinators who pass the examination of the course proposed by Solving UNI.on in accordance with UNI EN ISO 14731, acquire all the necessary skills.

Do not underestimate the aspect described in UNI EN ISO 1090 and 3834: the competence of welding coordinators in a quality system, must be verified during the audit by questions or quizzes. The higher the quality level (EXC3 or 4 for 1090 and/or 3834-2), the higher the difficulty level of the questions.